High Cycle Garage Door Torsion Springs

High Cycle Garage Door Springs

Springs are made up of different wire sizes. The typical ranges are .192 to .273 for residential doors. The size of the wire, the length of the coils (how long the spring ends up being), and the number of turns needed for the door height help calculate the number of cycles the spring will last. For example: If you have .207 (wire size) x 1.75 (inside diameter) x 23” (inches long) this is a 10,000 cycle spring. To high cycle it, you need to go with larger wire and longer spring. So a .218 x 1.75 x 30″ will have the same lifting capacity but will last approximately 20,000 cycles while a .234 x 1.75 x 34″ will last about 30,000 cycles. This example is based on a 7′ high door, so to get those cycles; it needs eight turns on the spring. When you add additional turns to it, it shortens the life cycle. A typical garage door drum (what the cable wraps around) is between 4″ and 12.56″ in diameter, so with each turn of the spring, it lifts the door about 1 foot. If a garage door is 7′ tall, you’ll need seven turns to get it all the way up plus an additional ½ to full turn to keep it up.

Most of Residential garage door torsion spring lasts 5-8 years based on average use. If the average person uses their garage door 4 cycles per day for 365 days that accounts for 1,460 cycles per year.  Dividing 10,000 cycles by 1,460 cycles gives you a spring life of just over 6 years. Springs have a diminishing return of life expectancy as cycles increase. You cannot reasonably expect to have a garage door spring last longer than 20 years, but most garage door companies provide lifetime warranties with the purchase of high cycle springs. The chart below is shown to exemplify an effect on cycles and cost based on material only – labor and other fees are not included.


10,000 cycles / (4×365) = 6.85 years  

$56 Per Single Spring Size of .207 x 23 x 1.75 = ($8.17per year)

20,000 cycles / (4×365) = 13.70 years 

$67.00 Per Single Spring Size of .218 x 30 x 1.75 = ($4.89 per year)

30,000 cycles / (4×365) = 20.55 years

$79.00 Per Single Spring Size of .225x 34 x 1.75 = ($3.84 per year) 


High Cycle Garage Door Spring Will Benefit You

Home Garage offers high cycle garage door spring option on each standard spring size. By switching over to a long cycle garage door spring, you can double or even quadruple the lifetime of your garage door springs. This will also help you avoid more garage door repairs and replacements in the future. 

They specifically benefit homeowners who use their garage doors frequently, have had to replace springs often, or are planning on staying in their current home for many years.