Garage Door Cable Drum

Discover superior-quality garage door cable drums at unbeatable prices by exploring our range of standard-lift, high-lift, and vertical-lift cable drum styles at Engineered with precision, the raised grooves on these replacement garage door cable drums play a vital role in stabilizing your garage door, enhancing safety during operations.

Explore our collection of standard lift cable drums featuring specialized grooves suitable for garage door heights spanning from 8 feet to 34 feet. For doors operating on a vertical track, our vertical lift cable drums boast taller grooves designed to accommodate such setups. These vertical lift cable drums are tailored for garage door heights ranging from 11 feet to 18 feet.

Step into the realm of high lift cable drums, showcasing a combination of flat and raised grooves to effectively balance doors on both vertical and horizontal tracks. Engineered for versatility, these high lift cable drums are compatible with garage door heights ranging from 9 feet to 19 feet. Notably, each set of cable drums includes a right-side and left-side drum for comprehensive replacement. With our extensive inventory, rest assured that most parts will be shipped on the next business day following your order placement.