Garage Door Chain Hoist - Shaft Mount

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Here we have the Napoleon Lynx JR-ST Sectional Door Chain Hoist Manual Door Operator for 1" torsion bar Jack shaft mounting. 4:1 reduction Includes sprocket, 22" of #41 roller chain, 26' of hand chain, 1 chain keeper, 2 shaft collars, 1 wall bracket and a 1/4" key External chain, sprocket drive 
  • Install Unit onto Door Shaft.
  • Sprocket mounted to Rolling Door on JR-RD or sprocket on JR-ST need to align with the small 9 tooth sprocket.
  • Secure from sliding along the shaft with set screws and shaft collars as applicable (use shaft keys where needed.)
  • Install Roller Chain on JR-ST or JR-RD (the roller chain has a connector link to split chain and reconnect.
  • Install bracket to wall on JR-ST- or JRG if desired to keep unit from swinging.
All Units:
  • Thread the hand chain around the pocket wheel and let it hang (extra chain may need to be purchased in doors in excess of 14ft or vertical lift or high lift doors).
  • Adjust the length of the chain so that the loop will hang around 1ft off the floor.
  • With the chain hanging freely, a link on the hand chain will need to be ben open and then closed again to complete the look. This can be accomplished with two sets of pliers
  • Install the chain keeper on the wall at a reasonable height and location so that the chain will be clear of the opening when engaged in the keeper.

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