If a garage door spring breaks, should you replace both of them?

If a garage door spring breaks, should you replace both of them?

Should I replace both springs? This is a question we receive very often, and here’s an honest answer: If your door has two springs, the quick answer is most definitely change both springs to not only save yourself money but also to prevent any more inconvenience in the near future from another broken spring.

Both springs have completed the same number of cycles which means they have the same exact amount of wear. If your door uses extension springs (they stretch down alongside the track as the door closes), you are usually better off replacing both springs. Replacing one spring will often cause the door to run crooked and possibly even jam due to the older spring being weaker than the new one.

If your door uses torsion springs (they sit on a bar or “shaft” over the door opening), we leave the decision to the homeowner. Some people will tell you that you have to. It isn’t a bad idea but it isn’t a requirement. A torsion spring system will work just fine with one new and one old spring. However, the lifespan of springs is usually fairly consistent so you may find that the other spring lasts for a couple more years or it may break within a few months. It is impossible to tell visually so we leave the choice to you.

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