Garage Door Cables

Discover the perfect fit for your residential or commercial garage door cable assemblies, featuring durable galvanized steel cables meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with your garage door's cable drum and torsion springs. Effortlessly replace worn cable assemblies to ensure smooth and secure garage door operations.

Explore our extensive range of garage door replacement cable kits, all available at discounted prices. These kits are equipped with pre-fitted fittings for hassle-free installation. Opt for an assembly with a 104-inch cable length, tailored to 7-foot-high residential garage doors, or choose the 164-inch cable length assembly, specially designed for garage doors with torsion springs and a height of 12 feet.

Uncover the most sought-after lengths and styles in replacement cable assemblies, perfect for commercial garage doors. Enjoy substantial savings when you invest in our 500-foot cable reels, available in 7/7 (7-strand/7-wire) sizes or higher-gauge styles. Whether for your commercial vertical lift doors or upgrading assemblies across multiple residential garage doors, we have you covered. Elevate your garage door's efficiency with our premium cable solutions.